Where we are now

Live in Inglewhite.

The network is now live in the center of Inglewhite with a number or properties connected.  We are working to complete the network in the village.

Have you registered for B4RN?

If you would like the B4RN service and have not yet registered your interest please do so.  The government voucher scheme (GBVS): gives B4RN £500 for each residential connection and £2,500 for each business: this is a huge help for building the network.

Please register tor your voucher.  Click here for the B4RN registration page.

B4RN a non-profit community society is successfully providing the world’s fastest rural broadband service for over 3,000 properties. We are now extending the network to serve our villages.

There are three main routes heading North from the connection point at Langley Lane.

Route GN2 heads Northeast to Kirkhams then up Syke House Lane, Stoney Lane and on to Loud Bridge.  This route is live with about 35 properties connected.

Route GN5 heads North to the top end of Button Street and Stanalee Lane.  This route is live with about 15 properties connected.

Route GN1 runs Northwest from the connection point at Langley Lane to Latus Hall and Carron Lodge.  This route is live with about 8 properties connected.

How the network is built

  • Survey the land, map a provisional route across the fields.
  • Discuss the route with landowners & obtain permission to lay the cables.
  • Ask people to invest money in B4RN shares to pay for cables & digging.
  • Build the main network trunk. Digging by local contractors, some by volunteers.
  • Build spurs from the trunk to the ‘garden wall’ of all properties in the villages.
  • Help property owners connect their properties to the adjacent spurs.
  • Connect the fibre to properties who want the service, provide ultrafast broadband.
  • Collect £30 per month for the service ( domestic rate ).
  • After 3 years purchased shares may be sold back to B4RN or receive dividends at 5%

Our community constructed ultrafast fibre broadband network builds on the pioneering work of B4RN in Wrea, Lancashire, a non-profit community benefit society.

The volunteer team in Bleasdale, Inglewhite and Whitechapel, supported by farmers, landowners and the community are joining B4RN to install a professional fibre optic broadband network available to everyone.

Our service is one of the fastest, cheapest and most reliable in the world, with households getting full gigabit service for only £30/month.  Our service is something like 40 times as fast as any other supplier can offer in our area: no waiting, and no usage cap or limits.  

Like others in our local community you too could be enjoying the practical, business and lifestyle benefits of ‘future proofed broadband.  Sign up for our email list and we’ll tell you how ………..

We are a not for profit community enterprise. Once the network is built all surplus goes back to the community.
Please consider investing: not only do you help the community build an essential resource for the future, but with tax relief you receive an excellent return.  Investment information here.

Click here for our parent: B4RN website

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