Putting the network in the ground

Putting the network in the ground

The network effectively divides into two categories that are constructed differently.

The main trunk route takes the fibre long distances from village to village. This has to be constructed first, and is best done by contractors who can get the job done quickly and efficiently. Contractors are paid approx £1,50 for each meter dug. The total cost including conduit and cable is approx £6.00 per meter.

Branch routes connect individual properties, or clusters of properties, to the main routes. Some long stretches are best dug by contractors, other short stretches may be dug by local volunteers.

Connecting premises. We install cabling up to the ‘garden wall’ for all properties in our area. It is the responsibility of property owners to install cabling from the edge of their land to their dwelling or business premises. B4RN will supply all the required conduit pipes and cable, but do not pay for this digging. Often this is best done by groups of neighbours working together. Help is always available if needed: nobody who wants the service is going to be deprived of it because they can’t wield a spade.

Further details

B4RN: https://b4rn.org.uk/

Local activity: www.b4big.org.uk

Or contact: Phil Ackroyd ackroyd.phil@gmail.com

For help with digging: Steve Pike sapike@hotmail.co.uk Tel: 01995 643147

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