Gigabit connected

David handing over to Peter

David Ford handing over a router to Peter Weson. Latus Hall properties are now enjoying gigabit broadband.


t-and-d-1024x762Now we have a fast connection we can play games on the screen as long as we like without messing up mummy’s tennis or daddy’s football.

Peaceful in the wood

retirement-wood-robin-1024x836Before they installed broadband the humans were always forgetting to buy food for the fearsome ginger cat, so he was always hungry and sneaking about in the wood hunting anything he could get his claws into.  Now ginger cat sleeps all day and we can enjoy singing in the trees.

I have clean paws

gus-snooze-1024x721At last !  Now staff have good access to the internet they can easily order my yummy cat food and get it delivered.  So I can snooze all day and don’t have to go out hunting litle tweety burds and other protected prey species.