Pricing & costs

Pricing & Costs

B4RN’s charges are made up of a one-off £150 connection charge, and a monthly service fee. You can have B4RN installed and start taking service immediately, or you can delay taking service until you’re ready, or when your current phone/broadband contract expires. Below are our three most popular packages. All prices include VAT at 20%.

What if you don’t want, need, or have another provider for your internet services?
Well, even if you are not interested in taking the service from B4RN at the moment we would strongly advise you to consider having a connection established at you home for a number of sound reasons:

Property desirability and house value.

Future proof your home to accept the very latest technology, for you, your family or the next occupants.
It is more cost effective, at only £150 to have your home connect at the same time as everyone else when the majority of the digging is being carried out.


£150 connection – one time connection fee.
£30/month service

Non Domestic Users

• Micro businesses (1-5 site staff) and Small schools (1-15 staff)*
£150 connection – one time connection fee.
£30/month service

• Small businesses (6-15 site staff)*
£150 connection – one time connection fee.
£60/month service

• Medium businesses (over 15 site staff)*
£150 connection – one time connection fee.
£150/month service

*Holiday cottages, caravan sites, larger businesses and schools, hotels, churches etc all have special pricing plans that take into account their special circumstances. Please see the full B4RN pricing schedule for details B4RN price list Oct 2015

Free Connection Offer

You don’t need to invest in B4RN to get a connection, but there are many benefits and if you invest £1,500 you’ll also get free connection worth £150. For more information on why you should consider investing please read B4RN Community/investors or download the shareholder prospectus from the B4RN Resources page.

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