B4RN fibre now in the center of Inglewhite

Several properties in the center of the village are now connected and work continues to connect everyone who has requested the service.

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It has been a long struggle to get high speed fibre broadband into the village, but we have now been approved to join the government Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme (GBVS).

The Voucher scheme provides B4RN with £500 for each residential connection and £2,500 for each business connection. This greatly helps towards the cost of building the network. All residential premises registered for GBVS receive a £150 installation grant, businesses receive an installation grant of £300 and their £150 connection fee is waived.

Please register tor your voucher. 

Click here for the B4RN registration page.

To enable the GBVS payments residents and businesses need to visit the B4RN website and register for the service. You can request to take the service as soon as it is available, or you can defer starting until any existing internet contract finishes: either way B4RN will receive the money.

You have to sign up for 12 months service to get the grant, but B4RN do not apply any early exit fees.

We already have £15,000 invested towards building the Inglewhite network. With the voucher money we will be able to meet the total cost of approximately £30,000 and can get on with installing the network immediately.

To register please click here and enter your postcode on the B4RN website

We are a not for profit community enterprise. Once the network is built all surplus goes back to the community.

Click here for our parent: B4RN website

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