Delivering ultrafast broadband.

‘Snails pace’ rural internet is no more; the world’s fastest rural broadband has arrived in Bleasdale, Inglewhite and Whitechapel.

Our community constructed ultrafast fibre broadband network builds on the pioneering work of B4RN in Wrea, Lancashire, a non-profit community benefit society.

The volunteer team in Bleasdale, Inglewhite and Whitechapel, supported by farmers, landowners and the community are joining B4RN to install a professional fibre optic broadband network available to everyone.

Our service is one of the fastest, cheapest and most reliable in the world, with households getting full gigabit service for only £30/month.

Gigabit is something like 40 times as fast as any other supplier can offer in our area: no waiting, and no usage cap or limits.  

Like others in our local community you too could be enjoying the practical, business and lifestyle benefits of ‘future proofed broadband.  Sign up for our email list and we’ll tell you how ………..

We are a not for profit community enterprise. Once the network is built all surplus goes back to the community.


Click here for our parent: B4RN website

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