Meeting to Move Forward

Monday 10th December 7:30pm

The Green man, Inglewhite

We are bringing Ultrafast fibre broadband into Inglewhite.

We are now in a position to start work on bringing the Gigabit Fibre Network into Inglewhite and the surrounding dwellings. We have an approved route, permissions from landowners, and approximately half the total investment needed; so we can now start to plan exactly how we install the network for the benefit of everyone.

Please come to the meeting and support this community project.

Register your interest in connecting to the Gigabit service.
Help with digging and constructing the network.
Invest in B4RN shares to help fund the work.
We are a not for profit community enterprise. Once the network is built all surplus goes back to the community.

How you can help: This is a non-profit community project. The working network is professionally managed, and we pay some contractors for digging the main network. Everything else is done by volunteers.

Volunteer to help. ~~ Buy shares. ~~ Allow the network across your land.

Please consider investing: not only do you help the community build an essential resource for the future, but with tax relief you receive an excellent return.  Investment information here.


Click here for our parent: B4RN website

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